“What keeps me going is goals.”  Muhammad Ali.

Australian’s love property. It’s built into our cultural DNA. When you talk to most people, you’ll hear stories of how they want to own property. Embedded in each story are dreams, dreams of what owning a house means. A first home, a family home, a strategic decision to invest, where it’s about a belief in making the future better.

At Monark Finance Brokers, we have the runs on the board, the experience under our belt, and the boxes ticked when it comes to investment property finance. We understand and share the belief in bricks and mortar. Beliefs are what trigger us to take action, and ultimately frame our decisions, and our lives. 

How is that relevant to Monark Finance Brokers? And how can we assist you?

Whether it’s your first investment property, or adding to an existing property portfolio, Monark Finance Brokers will guide you through the multitude of financing options available. From structuring your loans correctly, looking at different options in relation to security, stand-alone versus cross collateralization, diversifying through using more than one bank, and avoiding entanglement, we sit beside you to help you make the right decision.

How else can we help you?

As a demonstration of our belief in long term, big picture relationships, we’ll gladly liaise with your accountant, or financial planner, to ensure everything is structured to maximize potential tax saving. Just be sure to tell us this early on in our conversation and we’ll be on the right path.

What’s happening in the Investment Loan market right now?

The last 12 months has seen huge changes to investment lending where virtually all lenders have tightened their policies. There are exceptions however, and there are still banks willing to lend in excess of 90% loan-to-value ratio for investment purposes, at competitive rates. It’s a bit of a minefield out there currently, and it’s definitely worth getting good advice before proceeding. Our Monark Finance Brokers focus is to save you time. It’s simple: we have the information readily available, saving you the effort of researching.

if you’re looking at investing in property, you’ve come to the right place. monark finance brokers. we look forward to helping you

We used Monark Finance Brokers for a complicated refinance of multiple properties and nothing was too much trouble. They made the whole process easy, from finding the best lender to fixing issues as they arose. It was refreshing to deal with someone who just made it happen with no excuses and still pushed to get the best possible interest rate. After dealing with the banks directly in the past it was nice to have someone on our side to take the pain out of the process. I would definitely recommend Monark Finance Brokers to anyone looking to finance their home.
— Daniel Garnsey