We understand the significance of buying a home for the first time.

It’s a hugely exciting time, where owning our own home is not only about being independent, and having a place to call our own, it's also about making our money work for ourselves rather than putting it into rent. 

We also understand for first home buyers the process is likely to be nerve racking: as much as friends or family might say it will be ok, there’s still nervousness because this is a new experience.

It’s with this and more in mind that we’ve developed the approach we have.

“Ultimately, we want our clients to be happy, for them to feel valued.” Mark Exham - Director.

We focus on being genuine, being real, and building a relationship with you so we can feel trust in each other. We know we’re doing the work for you, so we place extra importance on giving you upfront advice. For us, it’s about being Authentic, and to do that, we believe in old school values like being sincere, reliable, dependable, believable, and well, ultimately, trustworthy. This is your life we’re helping with after all.

We know this is about the first chapter for you, and it might even be a first chapter together with someone. As this is your first time purchasing, we’ll take our time thoroughly explaining how the process works. At Monark Finance Brokers you can expect special attention to be paid to ensuring you understand the ins and outs of property financing.

We promise to not speak any jargon!

There’s lots more we could say here about things to discuss (your income, how much that entitles you to borrow, your savings, the banks’ minimum requirement, smaller deposit lending options) but we’d rather leave that to our face to face conversation. That way you can ask questions as they come up.

Our focus is understanding you’re about to start on a journey into a new chapter of your life. Our role is to help you so you feel relaxed knowing you’re in the safest hands possible.

Monark Finance Brokers were very professional in their dealings with us. They listened to our needs and took into consideration all circumstances when giving finance advice. They have sound knowledge and a good understanding which gave us full confidence and trust in their services. They took the time to clearly explain options to best assist our needs. I would highly recommend Monark Finance Brokers to anyone looking for financial advice and assistance.
— Andrea Fahrer