In the end it's not about you, it's not about me, it's about us.

Over the years we've been involved in property finance, we’ve seen, experienced and learned many things. While we all think we’re doing this as individuals, in reality, we’re all in this together. When it comes to finding finance for a house, whether that be a first, a next, or a refinance, we’re all looking to make a house our Home. Yes, we know that sounds like an over-used cliché, but what makes it so true is the fact that we're heavily invested in what we are buying. We’re buying a structure for us to live our lives in, fulfill our dreams, our hopes around families, experiences, friends, growing up, togetherness. It’s not the house, it’s what we DO in it that we’re buying - that's what we're chasing. It’s amazing stuff.

Sure we can tell you that with our many years of experience in home loans our aim is to find you the right loan for your circumstances, and make the process as simple as possible. But we think there’s a heap more to it than that. At any rate, that’s what everyone else says, and where’s the compelling uniqueness in that?

So, if you choose to contact Monark Finance Brokers as the first step in the next chapter in the book that is your life, know you’re dealing with a business that is in reality a vehicle to share and enhance other people’s lives.

"If you asked me to explain when I'm at my happiest, honestly, it's when I'm helping other people." Mark Exham - Director.

Your service before and after has been great. Your knowledge of products is good. My experience in dealing with you before and during my house build has been the best part of my journey. I will recommend you highly to any of my friends looking for finance.
— Koushik Hirani