"I'm a big believer in keeping our application process as simple as possible. Ease and simplicity generally means a more relaxed client" Mark Exham -Director.

We are proud to say Monark Finance Brokers have a clear, defined and streamlined process. You’d expect us to say that. But by now we hope you have a sense that our business is more than just systems, or approvals. For us, our focus is people, and the results you seek.

Our process is straightforward. It involves a few clear steps, it’s nothing revolutionary, it doesn’t need to be. Our difference is genuine. That’s where we focus our efforts.


We’ll chat. We like that to be face to face, but we understand life is busy and time is often pressured. So we can chat over the phone. During that conversation we’ll ask exploratory questions where the answers will help define how we can help you. We know you’re likely to have plenty of questions, and that’s great. We’ll also do plenty of listening. Please expect that.


Ok, so this is starting to feel a bit like Monopoly: we just passed GO together.

Now that our first conversation is complete, we’ll now send you our Fact Fact document. In it you’ll find a set of questions we hope are pretty straight forward. You’ll be asked to provide supporting documentation, things like payslips, statements and proof of identification. Easy right.


Now the ball is in our court. We’ll make lender/bank recommendations to you, looking closely at interest rates. fees and features. Our recommendations are individualised and based solely on your requirements and objectives.


It’s back to you. Now it’s decision time. Are you willing to proceed? If you give the go ahead, we’ll now ask you to sign paperwork which, upon us having it, will be lodged with the bank or lending institution.


We, and yes, it’s we, wait for the loan to be unconditionally approved. dealing with bank queries as they arise and relaying information back to you.


We can’t recommend this, but it might involve champagne.


The bank or lending institution posts loan documents out for sign off and return by you.


The application proceeds to settlement.


Repeat step six.

In all seriousness now, and although it sounds like such a cliché, we are with you at each step of the way to guide, advise and assist. It’s our pleasure to help.