“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” Stephen Covey.


Our Monark Finance Broker story is one about realizing we’re human beings first, all of us. We believe business is a vehicle to add to our lives, not a ruler to them. So for us, particularly in the space of being finance brokers, we place importance on connection, relationships and being authentic. We place a focus on long-term client relationships. We conduct ourselves differently, and we hope that difference is a significant part of the reason our customers elect to have us help them. As you read across our site, it’s our intent to convey our beliefs and how they all roll together to create our difference. You see, we view our role, and our business, as pretty special. We’re honoured to help you bring an amazing part of your life journey, purchasing a house, to life.

Successful and effective business partnerships are relationships. That’s a given. It’s also a given that it’s enjoyable doing business with people we like. But when an important decision is without a referral or some kind of endorsement, what other factors are important making the decision a great decision?

An honest, open and authentic customer-centric business relationship is one full of disclosure, no secrets. No secrets means you’re made fully aware of all loan product details, interest rates, fees and any other relevant information in a clear, concise document.

Embedded in a business that lives and breathes disclosure is integrity. For Monark Finance Brokers, integrity equates to honesty. We think it’s a pretty simple human value, most effective when it’s part of a bigger values based picture.

It now comes to rational things like experience, knowledge, having a tried and tested systematic approach, aligning with a business that offers a comprehensive range of lender choices, feeling confident knowing the business you choose has active and current memberships to key industry bodies (for example, the MFAA - Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia), and is flexible with their time and mobile to visit you in order to make the process easier and simpler.

“If you choose to engage Monark Finance Brokers to handle your loan application, you can proceed with confidence, knowing we have integrated all of the above points into our service offering.” Mark Exham – Director.